Founded in May 2002, Fine Pitch has provided the market with an alternative for electronic assembly with the virtue of Surface Mount Technology capabilities. Fine Pitch has its  own development department which has always facilitated project integration and support for all types of customized applications.  



Our main compromise is the clients satisfaction in all their needs and expectations by providing integral solutions with the most advanced technology and guaranteeing quality and efficiency in order to maintain leadership in service and reliability.





• Maintaining employee development

• Developing new products

• Maximizing productivity and synergy

• Making quality control a day-to-day practice


Our vision is to be leaders in our branch and to offer the most innovative products according to our client’s requirements thus becoming an important and qualified option for the market.  Achieving this by dedication to employee training and development, respect to our natural environment and compromise with our country. 




Fine Pitch is currently working on new developments for commercial, industrial and software applications required by our customers. Our production capacity and engineering capabilites have helped us diversify and work in a great range of electronic assembly solutions.